Whether you’re currently in the middle of planning a birthday party, anniversary party, wedding reception, a corporate event, a quinceañera, a bridal or baby shower, or any other type of party, you’ll definitely want to include some of these uber-trendy dessert options for your guests. These each have taken summer 2017 by storm, and if you have them at your event, not only will you appear very “in the know”, you’ll also be giving your guests something to rave about! Here are the top desserts of summer 2017:

milkshakes-with-toppingsOver-The-Top Shakes

It looks like something a five-year-old would dream up, but these wild milkshake cocktails are highly popular due to trendsetting eateries in New York City and Australia, and are now gaining popularity all over the U.S. These colorful and delicious desserts combine regular shakes with an artistic array of toppings—anything from a whole donut to lollipops to skewers of fruit.

emoji-sugar-cookiesEmoji Cookies

With nearly everyone using and loving emojis, and The Emoji Movie just around the corner, and kids everywhere choosing an emoji theme for their birthday celebrations, these little guys are all the rage right now. 2017 may be THE year of the emoji, and of course food is reflecting that, too. These cookies are popping up everywhere, especially at the trendiest events.

Mirror Glazes

Because our society is extremely image-obsessed, pretty desserts tend to catch on very fast. Such is the case with anything coated in a mirror glaze, which makes any cake, éclair, macaron, or anything else look breathtakingly chic. You’ve probably seen this trend around the hottest bakeries and shops, and it’s certainly catching on in the world of celebrity events. With good reason, too: this trend is so visually striking!

mini-mason-jar-apple-piesMini Desserts

You’ll fall in love with the cutest addition to this list! This trend began in Paris and has made its way to the U.S. this summer. Not only are they adorable and totally photography-worthy, they also help people keep their summer bodies in shape by keeping portions baby-sized. Whether it’s mini donuts, mini ice cream cones, mini mason jar apple pies, or mini anything else, these little guys are a current favorite.

buffle-waffle-cones-egglooBubble Waffle Cones

Like waffle cones, but a lot more interesting! With origins in Hong Kong, these bubble waffle cones have made their way into American pastry shops. Visually unique, these are a favorite to snap on Instagram, and are fun to eat because of their great texture. Bubble waffle cones also come in a wide variety of flavors, including strawberry, matcha, blueberry, and orange!

citrus-creme-bruleeCitrus And Tropical Desserts

These are normal flavors for the summertime, however, 2017 is seeing a lot more creativity and unique combinations with them. Familiar seasonal flavors like coconut, pineapple, and lemon-lime are re-introducing themselves in the form of crème brulees, jellies, meringues, and sorbets, and restaurants are serving them with a mix of different textures, flavors, and temperatures.

fruity-pebbles-on-ice-creamCereal-Dessert Mashups

This trend includes everything from cornflake-marshmallow cookies to Fruity Pebbles being sprinkled on top of ice cream. Cereal in the dessert industry is big at the moment, and why not? Cereal has always been a satisfying treat and the dessert of breakfast time. Now it’s actually dessert!

loop-churros-with-toppingLooped Churros

It’s the next generation of churros! Started by a shop in Orange Countyloop, looped churros offers more dipping and topping opportunities than regular stick churros. They come dipped in chocolate, frosting, milk, and more, and can be topped with any number of amazing things. There are even rainbow looped churros!

If you want any of these super-trendy top desserts of 2017 for your upcoming party, it’s completely possible with the right catering!

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