There are plenty of ways to enjoy your wedding, but nothing makes the special event shine quite like a signature wedding cocktail. After all, weddings are all about togetherness, fun, and celebration, and your guests will be ready to come together after indulging in a delicious and unique beverage.

Signature wedding cocktails have become a must in recent years, and while they’ll definitely make your day unique it can be tricky to design the right drink. Everyone has different tastes, and it can seem nearly impossible to satisfy all of your guests. Thankfully, the team at Olympia Banquet Hall is here to help you out with some helpful tips on designing the perfect wedding cocktail. Our venue specializes in weddings, and we know exactly how to make your cocktails shine.

1) Use Seasonal Ingredients

Every chef knows that you want to use fresh ingredients whenever possible, and that rule holds true at the bar too. When most people make a cocktail, they simply grab their favorite liquor with a splash of soda or syrup to craft their drink. But incorporating fresh seasonal ingredients will make your cocktails seriously special. Whether you’re getting married in Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer, there’s no shortage of festive and delicious ingredients your can incorporate into your cocktails.

2) Incorporate Your Wedding Colors

Brides and grooms spend months going back and forth on every aspect of their wedding, from the table settings to wedding colors. So, why not incorporate some of those previous decisions into your signature wedding cocktail? Making a creative cocktail that features the colors of your wedding decor will seriously impress your guests. Even better, it will provide the perfect excuse to snap some extra photos!

3) Give It A Creative Name

Finding the right ingredients for your cocktail is only one part of the challenge. Next up, you’ll need to come up with a creative name for your drink. Every classic cocktail has a great name, and giving yours a great name will really make it memorable. Consider taking some inspiration from a memorable moment in you and your spouse’s relationship when naming your cocktail. Taking inspiration from your relationship for your drink’s name will also bring a fun story to your guests.

4) Go With Multiple Options

It’s pretty difficult for one cocktail to please all of your guests, but thankfully you don’t have to make just one! If you want something for everyone’s tastes, then consider creating multiple signature cocktails. We recommend having the wife design one and the groom design another, ensuring that the two most important people at the wedding have a drink they’ll actually enjoy.

5) Put A Twist On A Classic

Everyone is familiar with classic cocktails like the Martini, Moscow Mule, and Old Fashioned. And if you’re having trouble coming of with a completely original drink, it only makes sense to craft an original take on a classic. Consider swapping out some of the traditional ingredients in a classic cocktail with something fresh, bringing a new twist on a crowd favorite.

There’s no right or wrong way to create your signature wedding cocktail, but thankfully the team at Olympia Banquet Hall is here to help. Our chefs craft world-class dining experiences that will perfectly pair with the cocktail of your dreams. Contact Olympia Banquet Hall today for more information on our stunning amenities and wedding event services.


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