The trendy style for weddings in 2015 was rustic, burlap, and mason jars. This year, the top overall style is modern, geometrical shapes, and eclectic décor. If you’re planning your upcoming wedding, keep these trending themes in mind.

Eclectic Details

More and more brides are wanting to include their groom in the design and details of their wedding, to ensure the event reflects the both of them. This is where the trendy design aesthetic “eclectic but chic” comes into play. This may mean mismatched accessories like plates and glassware, and using various patterns. Eclectic doesn’t have to mean bohemian, however. It can also be using different black and white patterns throughout the venue, which is very modern and elegant. Go with the classic white table cloth or a chic striped linen, and add color and pattern with pillows in your lounge area.

Flowing Greenery

Perfectly round, compact flower mounds are out and flowing, textural floral arrangements are in. Brides want their bouquets and centerpieces to look more organic and as if a variety of different shapes and textures of flowers were swiped and plucked from a field. This loose style of floral design can be seen in small centerpieces in vintage glassware and mercury glass, or in towering glass vases that spill and flow with luscious greenery. Accent the floral decor with soft lighting and candles for a romantic ambiance.

Clean Geometric Shapes

Brides who love the more natural, organic feel but don’t want their wedding to look “country” should combine the organic elements with modern geometrics. Think filling glass terrariums with flowers on tables, and combining metals and glass in bold geometric shapes with lush greenery and blooms. This styling gives a modern edge to the romantic rustic look.


Many brides this year have been embracing the holidays by planning their wedding over a holiday weekend like the Fourth of July, Christmas, Halloween, and New Year’s Eve. As more and more people have friends and family who live out of state, and as our lives continue to get busier, couples have turned to extended holiday weekends for their wedding celebrations to allow more of their guests to attend their special day without having to take off work and have more time to visit with loved ones. If friends and family have already made plans to come and visit for the holiday, why not combine it with the wedding to save everyone time and money? Holiday themes don’t have to be cheesy either, and just because a holiday may have certain colors associated with it, doesn’t mean couples have to follow suit. Holidays can be extremely sophisticated and opulent, especially Christmas and New Year’s.

Deep Colors

Light pastels and whites are leaving the stage and deep, dark hues are the shining stars of the wedding world. Dark colors are very romantic and ooze sophistication. Consider deepening your wedding palette with rich colors to give an edge and major touch of elegance, with hues like deep red, navy blue, and emerald. Dark rich colors add depth to décor and work especially well for fall and winter weddings. Many brides are even choosing black wedding cakes!

For your upcoming wedding, consider these top trending themes and wow your guests with an atmosphere that is unlike anything they’ve seen before. If you are looking for an equally stunning ceremony and reception venue to match your vision, check out the newly renovated Olympia Banquet Hall in Los Angeles. The wedding experts there will help you create the most amazing backdrop for your wedding décor and will help you every step of the planning process.

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