One of the sweetest additions to any wedding is the flower girl. Often a special little lady in the bride’s life, the flower girl gets the honor of walking directly ahead of the bride before the big entrance. She also, of course, gets to throw flower petals down the aisle.

Flower girls are typically anywhere between three and ten years old, and if they’re on the smaller side, sometimes they may need a little training and help walking down the aisle. But hey, that’s what rehearsal dinners are for, right?

Here’s a good guide on preparing for your flower girl.

A Baby Flower Girl

Although, as mentioned before, flower girls tend to be at least three years old, some brides still choose a baby to be their flower girl. This is often because the baby girl means a lot to the bride, and she wants her to be a part of the wedding day.

Baby Flower Girl Being Pulled In WagonBaby flower girls will need to either have help walking down the aisle with some hand-holding, or will need to be toted in a little wagon (possibly by your ring bearer). It’s also important for everyone to be prepared for her to cry during the ceremony. She might also decide to eat the flower petals instead of throw them. After all, she is a baby! The important thing to remember is, if you choose a baby flower girl, plan for the unexpected.

Flower Girls Age 2-3

A flower girl who is two to three will probably be able to walk fine—she just might not be too sure where she’s going. A good plan is to practice with her, but have someone she knows nearby in case she gets scared or confused during the actual moment.

When a flower girl is still this small, it’s still good to be ready for crying fits, noisy chatter during the ceremony, dancing around the bridesmaids, or other unpredictable behavior.

Flower Girls Age 3-5

Flower girls at this age really seem to love their role. They get to look like a princess, “lead in” the bride, toss flower petals, blow kisses, smile, and be all-around cute. They also tend to be old enough to behave themselves during the ceremony (or take bribes for being good!). Depending on her personality, it may still be a good idea to have her mom or dad nearby in case she gets restless.

Flower Girls Age 6-10

Another great age for a flower girl, six- to ten-year-olds value their role and want to do a good job for the bride. They enjoy looking pretty and throwing the petals, and at this age they can stay quiet and focused during the ceremony.

Having Multiple Flower Girls

Many brides choose to have more than one flower girl if there are multiple special little ladies in their lives. This can often be helpful, especially if there are older ones who can keep the smaller ones under control. If they’re all small, however, it’s often best to have someone standing by during the ceremony to help out.

Flower Girls Over 10

Your flower girl can be as old as you like—it’s your wedding, after all!—however, traditionally they aren’t usually older than ten. If there’s a special girl in your life who is older than ten, consider asking her to be a junior bridesmaid instead. Instead of a flower girl dress, she’ll get a dress that matches the bridesmaids, she gets to attend the rehearsal dinner, walk down the aisle, and she can help out with some of the bridesmaid duties!

We hope this little flower girl guide helps you out! If you’re currently planning your wedding and are looking for an amazing wedding venue in Los Angeles, take a look at our beautiful banquet hall. Olympia has hosted gorgeous weddings for years! Also feel free to check our availability.

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Pink Flower Girl Dress With Ruffles

Via My Baby Boutique

Flower Girl Dress With Lace Crisscross Straps

Dress by Amalee Accessories

Pink Flower Girl Dress With Tulle And Stars

Dress by Tutu du Monde

Plum Colored Flower Girl Dress

Via Sophia’s Style

Tulle Flower Girl Dress With Bow Tie

Dress by Tutu du Monde

White Tulle Flower Girl Dress With Pink Sash

Dress by Fattiepie

Soft Pink Flower Girl Dress With Florals

Dress by Tutu du Monde

Baby Blue Flower Girl Dress With Cutout Back

Via Whitney Neal Photography

Retro Flower Girl Dress With Birdcage Hat

Dress by Fattiepie

Flower Girl Dress With Netted Flowers

Dress by Alfred Angelo

Soft Pastel Flower Girl Dresses

Dresses by Tutu du Monde

Long Sleeve Flower Girl Dress With Flower Pattern

Via Sophia’s Style

White Blooming Flower Girl Dress

Dress by Alfred Angelo

Pink Polka Dot Flower Girl Dress with Bow

Via My Baby Boutique

Long Sleeved Hippie Flower Girl Dress

Via My Baby Boutique

Tulle Flower Girl Dress With Fairy Wings

Dress by Posh Little Tutus

White Shift Flower Girl Dress With Sheer Sleeves

Dress on BHLDN

Short White Vintage Inspired Flower Girl Dress

Via My Little Jules

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