There are things you can’t control on your wedding day (see: the weather), but some unpleasant things can definitely be avoided.

Don’t Try To Do Everything

Your wedding day is going to be stressful enough—you don’t need everyone coming up to you every three minutes to tell you this or that. Instead, your wedding day is to be enjoyed. This is why it’s a good idea to appoint someone to be to middleman. Choose someone responsible who won’t mind lots of tasks and multiple people asking questions. This way, you’ll only be bothered with truly important things, instead of someone randomly asking for your help getting a stain off their dress. It’s actually even a good idea to hand your phone off to the appointed person so you’re not overwhelmed with calls and texts.

Don’t Leave Your Dress

On your wedding day, do not let your dress out of your sight. Don’t leave it up to anyone to bring it to the wedding venue—even if it’s your most responsible friend. They could be late due to elements out of their control. Keep the dress with you. It will eliminate unneeded stress. Also—don’t eat or drink anything dark while wearing your dress, and be very careful putting makeup on while wearing it.

Don’t Boss Around Your Bridesmaids

High emotions + stress + alcohol + being lifelong friends with your bridesmaids can equal you getting a little snappy with them. Fortunately, they love you and will (probably) understand, but do your best to treat them kindly, no matter how stressed you might be. This also goes for your mom!

Don’t Forget That Photo You Want

There’s nothing like a regret of forgetting that one wedding photo you had your heart set on. Since you can’t go back and re-create your wedding day, it’s very wise to make a list of the important wedding photos you want, especially if there’s anything out of the ordinary that a wedding photographer might not think of (like a portrait of you and your spouse holding framed photos of your parents on their wedding day, for example). By having this list, you can check it, double-check it, and ensure you don’t miss any special photos you want. Just remember to bring it to the wedding!

Don’t Forget To Eat

This happens much more often than you’d think. Brides (and grooms too) are so nervous that they feel like they can’t eat. But it’s very important to have something in order to avoid feeling light-headed or even fainting during the ceremony. You’ll also want something on your stomach so that the wedding champagne doesn’t make you too tipsy.

Don’t Try Any New Beauty Products

It’s not worth it. Go with something that you know will make you look and feel comfortable and beautiful, and that you know won’t make your skin react poorly. The last thing you want is to apply a new lotion that suddenly makes you break out. You should already have a makeup plan in place, but don’t get adventurous the last minute.

Don’t Argue With Your New Spouse

Yes, your emotions are running high on your wedding day. Yes, there is usually alcohol at receptions and alcohol can cause people to fight. But no, you definitely should not argue with your brand-new spouse—and especially not in front of your wedding guests. Everyone will talk about it and remember it, and it puts a complete damper on the wedding day. After all, everyone has gathered to celebrate your love. No one wants to see an argument between the two of you. It’s also not something you’ll want to think about for the rest of your life. Hold your emotions in check.

Don’t Make Your Guests Wait

Most couples will have their wedding photos taken right after the ceremony and before the reception. This is normal, since it’s traditional to avoid seeing each other until the ceremony starts. However, these photos can take quite awhile, and your wedding guests might have to wait at least an hour before the reception begins. Instead, it’s a good idea to allow your guests to begin eating or drinking while you and your spouse are getting your pictures taken.

Don’t Drink Too Much

This one should be obvious, but be honest: you’ve seen a drunk bride or groom before. This is a bad idea for so many reasons. First and foremost, you want to actually remember your wedding day—every second of it. You also don’t want to look at reception photos and see yourself with your “slosh face”. And finally, you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of literally everyone you love. It’s just not worth it. It’s also good to keep this in mind before the wedding. Brides and grooms tend to pre-drink with their bridesmaids and groomsmen while getting ready, so be careful not to get tipsy before the ceremony.

And here are mistakes that your bridesmaids should avoid:

As mentioned before, no one has complete control over their wedding day, but you can do these things to help it go as smoothly and as romantically as possible. No matter what, your wedding is certain to be beautiful and memorable, especially with the right wedding venue. If you’re looking for a wedding venue in Los Angeles, check out what Olivia Banquet Hall has to offer. Take a look at our photo gallery, and feel free to ask us anything you might want to know.

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