Congratulations! You’ve just gotten engaged, and are getting ready for the wedding of your dreams. But planning a wedding is a lot harder than it looks. You’ll have to decide on a wedding venue, craft a catering menu, and deal with multiple wedding event venues. If that sounds a bit overwhelming, then you’ll definitely want to hire a wedding planner.

Hiring a wedding planner is guaranteed to help your celebration be a huge success. But how do you pick the right professional? Well, the team at Olympia Banquet Hall is here to help. We’re providing some helpful questions to ask your potential wedding planners to help you make the right decision.

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1. What Made Them Want To Become A Wedding Planner?

You’ll really want to get to know your wedding planner before entering a formal work arrangement. A great way to start that relationship is by getting a sense of why your wedding planner got into the business. A great wedding planner is selfless, organized, and loves to help people have fun. If it seems like your potential planner only got into the business for money, then you might want to look for another option.

2. How Much Does Wedding Planning Cost?

Hiring a wedding planner can be a big cost, and you don’t want to blow all your budget on hiring a planner. Remember, you’ll still need to pay for an event venue, hire catering, and more. Be sure to inquire about the cost of wedding planning services up front, that way you can gauge the cost relative to your budget and don’t waste your time dealing with a planner you can’t afford.

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3. What Services Are Included?

Not all wedding planners are alike. Some planners will only help you with the basics, like coordinating different vendors or helping you plan catering, but others will go the extra mile. A great wedding planner will help you sort out even the smallest details of your event, and assist in the planning of other wedding-related celebrations like engagement parties, bridal showers, and rehearsal dinners.

4. Have They Worked With Your Wedding Venue?

A great wedding planner has experience at venues all across the region. If possible, it’s a great to hire a planner that’s worked with your wedding venue before. That way, they can use the connections they have with venue management to help make your wedding and even bigger success.

5. Do They Have References?

Whenever you’re hiring any kind of professional, you want to be sure to check their references. And wedding planners are no exception. Assuming you’re dealing with a good planner, they’ll be more than willing to provide glowing references. And if your planner is apprehensive about providing references, then you should probably find someone new.

6. When Will You Receive A Contract?

The final part of hiring a wedding planner is getting a contract. You’ll want to have all of the services they’ve agreed to provide you in writing, and a contract will provide a valuable point of reference during your planning process.

Finding the right wedding planner can be difficult, but you’ll definitely appreciate their help. Remember, planning a wedding is tough, and the help of a professional will make things a whole lot easier. Once you find a planner, you’ll need to book a great venue, and if you’re looking for a wedding venue in Los Angeles you should consider Olympia Banquet Hall. Our event venue offers luxurious decor and lavish amenities guaranteed to make your wedding day a memorable occasion. For more information on booking and availability, contact Olympia Banquet Hall today.

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