The arrival of a new family member certainly calls for celebration, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a baby shower. But while baby showers can be tons of fun, they can also be difficult to plan.

If you’re looking for some advice on how to plan a baby shower, you’re in luck, because the team at Olympia Banquet Hall is here with a great baby shower planning checklist to help you throughout the process. Read on for our tips and advice on how to plan a great baby shower!

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10 Weeks Before

+ Determine The Host — Baby showers are typically hosted by a close friend of the mom-to-be. If you don’t want to handle the party all on your own, consider asking one of your best friends to host the party.

+ Set Your Party Budget — You can’t plan a party without a budget. Take some time to decide what you’d like to have at your baby shower, then decide how much money you should spend on each element.

+ Choose An Event Venue & Date — Your baby shower guests deserve nothing but the best, which is why you should rent a great event venue for your celebration. Of course, you’ll also need to decide a date with for the party too.

+ Make Your Guest List — You want all your friends and family near for your baby shower. Be sure to sift through your many loved ones to ensure everyone gets an invite to your baby shower.

Six Weeks Before

+ Purchase Decorations — Baby showers are typically filled with festive decorations celebrating your upcoming child. Consult some baby shower decoration guides online to get ideas of what you’d like to have at your party.

+ Send Your Invitations — You can’t have a baby shower without guests! Send out your invitations early, that way guests have time to adjust their schedules so they can attend your celebration.

+ Plan Your Catering Menu — You’ll definitely want to have some tasty food at your event, even if it’s just hors d’oeuvres. Cooking for your party can be stressful, which is why you’ll want to design a great menu with a local catering service.

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One Month Before

+ Order Cake & Desserts — Delicious desserts will definitely make your party shine. You should place a bakery order about one month in advance to ensure you get your order in time for the party.

+ Book Your Photographer — Capture some memories during your event with a baby shower photographer! Be sure to book early to ensure your top choice has time in their schedule for your event.

+ Prep Baby Shower Games — There are plenty of traditional baby shower games you can play to help you guests have fun. Be sure to find some fun options and prep games for your party.

Two Weeks Before

+ Purchase Party Favors — You’ll definitely want to show guests you appreciate them, and a great way to do that is with party favors. Purchase some great party favors a couple weeks before your baby shower to ensure you find the best options.

+ Follow-Up With Guests — You might not hear back from all your guests before your event, so it’s worth following up with anyone you haven’t heard from before the party. Some people just forget to respond to your RVSPs, and you’ll definitely want to know how many guests will be in attendance.

Day Of The Party

+ Arrive At Your Venue Early — There’s always a chance things could go wrong on your big day, and the best way to ensure everything goes well is to arrive at your baby shower venue early.

+ Have Fun! — Now’s the time to reap the reward of your tireless planning! Relax, have some great food, play a few games, and have plenty of fun with your friends and family.

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