You can’t have a corporate events without guests! Naturally, the first way anyone will find out about your upcoming event is from a great invitation.

Creating corporate event invitations will likely be one of the first elements in your planning process, but what kind of invitations should you use for your corporate events? And does every type of corporate event even need a proper invitation? Thankfully, the experts at Olympia Banquet Hall are here to help you decide with some tips and advice on corporate event invitations and announcements.

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Use Printed Invitations For Intimate Events

Printed invitations can make your corporate event budget skyrocket, sucking funds from other important aspects of your event. However, they also provide a great personalized approach to getting guests excited for your special occasion, which is why we recommend only going with printed invitations if you’re trying to host an intimate corporate event.

If you’re hosting a smaller event for corporate investors or an intimate black tie affair, then printed invitations are the way to go. They convey the high level of thought and care going into your event, and will make your special group of guests excited for the unique occasion.

Always Use Digital Invitations

In today’s world, most business communications come via the Internet. Whether you’re sending documents to clients via email or shooting instant messages to your coworkers, your primary communication methods live on the computer. With that in mind, it always makes sense to use digital invitations for your corporate events or announcements.

Consider hiring a graphic designer or enlisting an artistic coworker to create a great invitation that you can email to your guests. The right digital invitation will be easy to read, contain all the important event information, and even provide guests with ways to RSVP online. Even better, they’ll be able to access the invitation whenever they need on their computers or phones.

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Make A Facebook Event

If you’re holding a more casual corporate event, or one that’s open to the public, you should consider making a Facebook event for the occasion. A Facebook event will help promote conversation among guests before your event, generating buzz for the occasion. Even better, you can customize the settings to allow guests to invite their friends and share your event, getting even more people interested in your event.

Though it’s not necessary, we definitely recommend creating Facebook events for corporate parties and fundraising galas that are open to the public.

Follow-Up With VIP Guests

You might be counting on your corporate event to impress big money investors or future clients. And if you have any special VIP guests you’ve invited, you’ll definitely want to give them the special treatment and follow-up with them before your event.

Be sure to check-in with your VIPs at least two weeks in advance with a friendly reminder that your event is coming up, that you’re looking forward to seeing them, and that you’re available to address any of their questions or concerns. The extra work will definitely be worth it when you close that big business deal!

Don’t Forget Press Outreach!

If your corporate event includes major announcements, like changes in management for your business or the unveiling of an exciting new product, then you’ll definitely want to include press outreach in your planning process. Consider inviting some writers or editors from major industry publications to your event, and send out some targeted press releases before and after the event. After all, you want to get as much buzz from your corporate event as possible, and the press will definitely help make that happen.

Corporate event invitations are the first way guests will interact with your corporate event, and with some thoughtful planning and smart strategizing you’ll have some great invitations that actually get people excited for your special celebration. And if you’re looking for a corporate event venue in Los Angeles, consider Olympia Banquet Hall. Our event venue is perfect for corporate galas, fundraising events, holiday parties, and so much more, with luxurious accommodations guaranteed to impress clients and colleagues alike. For more information on booking and availability, contact Olympia Banquet Hall today.

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