Just like planning for any event, organizing a Los Angeles fundraiser takes a lot of time, energy, and creativity. Events like this can help raise a significant amount for your cause, but planning them can be time consuming and expensive. To avoid extra and unnecessary stress when organizing, check out our list of tips below.

Clarity Of Purpose

Before you begin enlisting people’s help and booking vendors, make sure that everyone fully understands the purpose of your event. All participants involved should know what the fundraiser is for, your goals, and what the tone of the event is: formal, light, somber, themed, etc. When everyone is on the same page, only then move forward with planning.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

There are lots of decisions to make before getting too deep into booking and rentals. For example, if your fundraiser is going to be formal, you probably shouldn’t hold it in a school gymnasium. A hotel or banquet hall would be a better choice. What food should be served? What attire will be appropriate? What will the itinerary be? These are all important details to sort out sooner rather than later.


Determining a budget and having it all written down and organized is crucial to planning your event. Be sure when making your budget to include costs for the venue, catering, any staff you’ll need, transportation for any key speakers or partners who may need it, invitations, programs, and entertainment (if you’re having any).

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Who Are You Trying To Reach?

Knowing your target audience is very important in order to meet your fundraising goals. Is it for everyone, or do you have certain groups in mind to target—such as parents, managers, entrepreneurs, or general investors? Knowing this will help you form a guest list and will help you understand exactly who to invite. Knowing this will often help you to figure out a good tone, formality, or theme for your event.

Arranging Ticket Sales

Figure out the actual procedure for making ticket sales and accepting donations in order to earn money at your Los Angeles fundraiser. Will there be different ticket prices (for example, VIP tickets as opposed to “regular” tickets)? There will need to be someone in place to handle everything that is involved in selling tickets, including selling them, sending them, and organizing the funds.

Be Sure To Show Gratitude

Sure, everyone is donating or volunteering for your cause. However, a thank-you note goes a long way. This is an often forgotten detail that many fundraising organizers miss—unfortunately, because it’s important. After all, you’re probably going to be inviting these same guests to your next event (or if they’re volunteers, asking them for help). If they have given but were never thanked, they’ll probably remember so.

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