There are many couples who prefer to have a morning wedding, and there are lots of amazing reasons why it’s a perfect choice for them. Morning can be the most beautiful part of the day, and by getting up early and celebrating the first half of the day, you can be sure to make the most of your entire wedding day—one of the most important days of your life!

Typically, the couples who decide to have a morning wedding are:

  • Casual couples who enjoy a laid-back atmosphere
  • Couples celebrating their second marriage
  • Older couples
  • Couples who want a more cost-effective wedding
  • Couples who want their small children in/at the wedding

No matter what type the couple is, this very special type of wedding has some fabulous benefits that far outweigh the fact that you’ll have to get up early.

A morning wedding is great for the following reasons…

Wedding Venues Are More Available

Because morning weddings aren’t as common as evening weddings, many venues have a much more open availability for this time. You’ll have more choices, and can maybe even save a little more, since some venues lower their rate for morning hours.

Beautiful Wedding Photos

There’s just something about morning sunlight that makes photos look more sweet, pure, bright, and beautiful. Wedding photos at 10:30 AM may sound early, but the photos will last forever and be simply stunning.

Cinnamon Roll Wedding CakeYou Get To Have Brunch!

Who doesn’t love brunch? There are so many options for a brunch wedding menu: gourmet coffees and teas, glitter donuts, scones, bright fresh fruit, mimosas, bloody Marys, Bellinis, and maybe even a cinnamon roll wedding cake, or a blueberry muffin wedding cake! Your guests will absolutely love your wedding brunch menu.

Get A Head Start On Your Honeymoon

Most couples who have their weddings in the afternoon or evening don’t realize how absolutely exhausted they are afterward. When you have a morning wedding, you’re typically finished with everything by 2:00 PM. This gives you plenty of time to relax and bliss out afterward with your new husband or wife, plus you won’t be hung over the next morning. You can enjoy each other for the rest of the day, or choose to have an intimate dinner together.

A More Comfortable Dress

Sure, a morning wedding bride can wear a full wedding dress, but at least she’ll have the option to be more casual. In fact, the entire wedding party and guests can be a little more casual in their attire for a morning wedding. The dress code will ultimately be up to the couple (and should definitely be stated on the wedding invite), but it’s a perfect opportunity to rock a cute white dress that’s way more comfy.

You Can Still Party!

Lots of people believe that by having a morning wedding, they will be sacrificing their big blowout party with dancing and music. But here’s a secret: if the couple dances, sips a drink, and has a good time, everyone else will, too. Especially if you’ve got those amazing mimosas and Bellinis flowing! The music can be whatever you’d like—after all, it’s still your day—but a great music choice for a morning wedding reception would be fun, upbeat 1960s hits. You can never go wrong with Motown!

Here is a good timeline to give you an idea of how it can go:

7:00 AM / Wake up
7:30 AM / Begin getting ready
9:00 AM / Bridal party photos
10:00 AM / Wedding ceremony begins
10:20 AM / Announcement of husband and wife
10:30 AM / Mimosa hour begins and bride & groom take photos
11:30 AM / Bridal party enters the reception, eating begins
11:45 AM / Eating and toasts
12:30 PM / Dancing, mingling, cake, and partying
1:30 PM / Make your exit!

As one of the best wedding venues in Los Angeles, Olympia Banquet Hall has hosted weddings of all kinds. We also include outstanding catering (whether you want brunch or something else!). If you’re currently planning your own wedding and are searching for a fantastic place to celebrate, take a look at our virtual tour or photo gallery! You can also contact us anytime.

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