These days, brides and grooms both have a huge variety of options when choosing their wedding attire. From the most high-end gowns and tuxes to the most laid-back sundresses and khakis, the wedding couple can dress to suit their personal taste, style, and tone of the wedding—and groom suits are no exception.

So, what are a few options that grooms have? While some have put a lot of thought into what they want to wear on their wedding day, others may not care very much. Some may want a dapper tux, and others may want to stay far away from anything formal.

Here are a few popular choices for groom suits from the last few years that are still going strong.

Groom Suits - Beachy StyleBeachy

A favorite for warmer months, a beach-inspired wedding look equals laid-back, casual, and comfy. These suits are typically colors that reflect “beach” colors: beige, light blue, light gray, or even pale pink. Some grooms don’t even bother with a tie for their beach suit look.

Groom Suits - ClassicJames Bond

Grooms who want to be stylish, sophisticated, and refined will usually go for a great-looking tuxedo, complete with tailored pants and a bow tie. This is a classic wedding look that tends to be the “go-to” style. A groom always looks dashing in this timeless style.

Groom Suits - Trendy BlueTrendy Blue

In case you aren’t aware, one of the biggest wedding trends for 2017-2018 is blue groom suits. Whether you’re into electric blue, baby blue, navy, or any other shade, keep in mind that brown or burgundy accents tend to look especially good with this color.

Groom Suits - White WaistcoatWhite

Some people are die-hard fans of a great white suit. They present a glamorous and very formal atmosphere, and can look truly striking. Combine a perfectly-tailored white groom suit with a waistcoat and what a handsome groom you’ll get, indeed.

Groom Suits - Vintage InspiredVintage Inspired

Mad Men may be over, but its incredibly stylish suits are still wildly popular for wedding attire. Vintage-inspired groom suits are a favorite among men who want to look classy but unique at the same time.

Groom Suits - SteampunkSteampunk

For grooms with a whimsical and bold style, steampunk is very popular. Making for a dramatic wedding tone, many find steampunk wedding attire to be extremely romantic and visually compelling for wedding photos.

Groom Suits - Colorful

Color Pop

Just as a white suit can be dazzling, so can an extra colorful one. Every groom is different and will have different tastes, but you can find any great-looking suit in your personal style. No matter what your favorite color is, you can bet there’s a suit with your name on it in that color. Even if you like to mix colors, you’re sure to find what you want—and to look amazing.

Groom Suits - HipsterHipster

Suspenders, bow ties, button-up vests, and old-timey golf hats reign supreme for hipster grooms. The hipster trend may be cooling off, but the style for groom’s suits is still vibrantly strong—probably because it’s a flattering style that evokes a romantic, timeless feel. This look also gives grooms lots of space for experimenting and versatility.

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