2017 may very well have been one of the best years ever for wedding cakes. From highly-detailed cactuses to depthy darks of gothic creations, this year has seen absolute works of art that also happen to taste amazing. Even the pickiest brides will be impressed with these stunners!

Here are a few of our favorite 2017 wedding cakes.

Wedding Cake Trends - Geode CakesGeode Mode

Using granulated sugar and rock candy to create depth and realism, baker Rachael Teufel creates truly awe-inspiring geode cakes. These cakes don’t mess around—they take about sixteen hours to prepare—but they’re a perfect fit for 2016/17’s “geometric wedding” trend.

Wedding Cake Trends - Succulent CakesSucculents

This eye-popping cake trend Is nothing short of dazzling. With smaller cupcake versions gaining just as much popularity as an entire cake, this lovely trend is still wildly popular for warmer months. The most beautiful are created by baker Ivenoven.

Wedding Cake Trends - Bouquet CakesBouquet Cakes

Why should the bride’s flower bouquet get all the attention? With these absolutely stunning bouquet cakes from Atelier Soo, all eyes will definitely be on the cake. Single-tiered and gorgeous, these buttercream dreams are true works of art.

Wedding Cake Trends - Gothic Cakes

Gothic Sweet

Yes, the gothic cake trend meant black cakes, which seemed to go against all things wedding. However, gothic cakes set the standard for some of the most utterly incredible-looking cakes we’ve ever seen. Chic as can be, unique, and edgy, gothic cakes are still going strong.

Wedding Cake Trends - Galaxy CakesGalaxy Inspired

There’s something romantic about a galaxy cake—something that says “I will love you through space and time.” Plus, this cake trend is simply beautiful, in a 1990s Lisa Frank way!

Wedding Cake Trends - Marble FondantMarble Fondant

Sleek, stunning, and tasteful, this swirled marble fondant is impressive and just gorgeous. This wedding cake trend was a big hit at many pre-Oscar parties this year, and is still popular heading into autumn.

Wedding Cake Trends - Gold FoilGold Foil

The “little bit of gold flake” wedding cake trend is so pretty, stylish, and romantic. These edible gold foil flakes were seen at some of the most high-end weddings this year, and they pair well with other wedding cake trends as well.

Wedding Cake Trends - Mirror GlazeMirror Glaze

For a truly glamorous and eye-popping effect, you should try a mirror glaze wedding cake. Shiny, shimmery, and splendid, this wedding cake trend was made extremely popular by 2016’s The Great British Bake-Off.

Which one is right for you? Or if you don’t see your favorite wedding cake trend here, which one do you like the most? At Olympia Banquet Hall, we’ve seen hundreds of breathtaking wedding cakes. 2017 has been a giant year for creativity in this area, and many of these trends will continue making appearances at wedding receptions for years to come. Keep an eye on our blog for more wedding trends and tips, and if you’re looking for a beautiful Los Angeles venue for your wedding, take a look at our gallery! You can also contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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