Being a groomsmen is a lot of work. It includes offering ideas for the wedding planning, throwing an incredible bachelor party, and being the life of the party during the reception. Your boys will be doing a lot for you, and it’s important to keep that in mind. Making sure they’re taken care might be one of the last things on your mind during this busy process, but it’s something that’s necessary. Buying gifts for your groomsmen is common practice, and sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to get them. That’s why we put together a list of five unique groomsmen gifts that will show your boys how much you appreciate them.

groomsmen gifts

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1. Personalized Canvas & Leather Dopp Kit

Taking your personal hygiene items with you during a trip can be a hassle. Where do you put your toothbrush? Where do you leave your hair gel?

Why not purchase a personalized travel kit as a gift for your groomsmen? This will give them one easy place to keep all their hygienic items in when they travel, and personalizing it with their initials is a nice added touch that is sure to go a long way for them. You can find this dopp kit at

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2. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are often overlooked when dressing up, but they shouldn’t be. They’re small, but they’re detailed items that can show off your personality to the world.

Giving a set of cufflinks is a great way to show your groomsmen that you know their personalities. You can get each groomsman a set of cufflinks that represents something personal about them. For example, you could get cufflinks with their initials or cufflinks with their favorite NFL team. Regardless of your choice, you’ll be able to show them that you truly know them. This is one of our favorite groomsmen gifts, as it’s something that they can use for years down the road.

groomsmen gifts

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3. Custom Caricature Flasks

Flasks are one of the more common groomsmen gifts, but it’s more rare to see custom caricature flasks given. These flasks are guaranteed to be a hit with your boys. All you need to do is send in photos of your groomsmen to one of the many companies that offers this service, and they’ll draw caricatures of them and print them onto the flask. This is a great personalized item that can not only be useful, but is also a conversation starter whenever it’s brought out.

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4. Multitool

Every guy needs one of these multitools handy. Whether your groomsmen are survivalists, outdoorsmen, or nerds, every guy should have a multitool handy at home or in their car. You never know when you’re going to need one of the tools on it for something.

It’s the type of item that your groomsmen might not think about buying, but will appreciate the practicality of once they receive. There are plenty of great companies that have multitools in different price ranges such as Leatherman or Gerber, both of which create great quality items.

groomsmen gifts

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5. Unique Socks

Socks may sound boring, but this is another element of style that can often get overlooked. Having a versatile sock collection gives your groomsmen the opportunity to show off their style in a subtle way, much like the cufflinks.

Gone are the days of boring black or brown dress socks. Now it’s all about showing off a bit of your personality through interesting designs and colors. Or you can gift them socks with their favorite sports team or film character.

Hopefully these ideas get your wheels turning for groomsmen gifts. Just remember not to overlook this important tradition! These guys have been there for you, and nice groomsmen gifts will show them how much they mean to you.

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