If you’ve just gotten engaged, be forewarned: the questions are about to begin, and they won’t stop until well after your honeymoon. There’s just something about weddings that make everyone extra curious and full of things to ask. It’s not a bad thing, but you should definitely have your answers ready.

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions that wedding guests will ask you, and a few tips on how to best answer them.

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What’s The Dress Code?

The formality of your wedding will obviously be up to you, but it’s wise to know the level of “fancy” so that your guests won’t have to worry about being over- or under-dressed.

The first thing to do is to decide with your partner on how you’d like your wedding guests to dress. Here’s a helpful mini-guide on that:

  • Black Tie: tuxedos and formal gowns
  • Formal/Black Tie Optional: suits, ties, and formal dresses
  • Semi-Formal: suits, ties and cocktail dresses
  • Cocktail: suits (ties optional) and party dresses
  • Garden: summer suits (linen shirts and khakis) and sundresses
  • Casual: button-down shirts/polos, sundresses or slacks with a nice top

Once you’ve decided the dress formality you’d like, you’ll have an answer for everyone when they ask.

It’s also a great idea to list it on your save the dates or wedding website so that your guests are very clear.

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Where Should I Stay?

Get ready to hear this question a lot of you have guests coming from out of town—and definitely have an answer ready. Your guests may never have been to your city before, and they may be feeling a bit lost. Of course they’re going to turn to you for guidance.

The best way to answer this question quickly and easily is to have a list of local hotels, motels, or Airbnbs ready to send anyone who inquires. Or, if you’ve made reservations or arranged room blocks somewhere, obviously give them this information.

Accommodation details is another great addition to your wedding website so that everyone can easily access it.

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Can I Bring My New Boyfriend Or Girlfriend?

Oof! Why does everyone always ask this? Of course you’ll want your guest to be happy on your wedding day, but do you really want a stranger at your wedding? Especially when that relationship may not last for very long?

If you’ve already sent out your invitations and this particular guest did not receive a plus one, you can simply say, “Sorry! We already paid the amount for the RSVPs we got.”

However, if you haven’t sent out the invites yet, you and your soon-to-be-spouse will have to make a decision together about your guests’ plus one request. While making this decision, keep in mind that if other guests get wind of the fact that you’re allowing someone to have a plus one, they may ask for one as well—which could cause your budget to spiral out of control.

Once you and your partner have reached a mutual decision, let your guest know your choice, and explain your reasons why if the answer is no.


Can I Sit With So-And-So At The Reception?

Goodness! Planning the table assignments is a difficult enough job without also having to take special requests from your guests. But some people will still do it.

If you already have your table arrangements planned when this question is asked, your answer will be easy because you can just explain that they’re already set. But if they’re not and you’re not sure if you’re okay with what the guest is asking, just say “I’ll do my best” for the time being.

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Are Kids Allowed?

If the answer to this is yes, this question is easy. However, if you’re having an adults-only wedding, you have your work cut out for you, because this is not a popular answer with many parents.

For some reason, many wedding guests with children take it personally when you tell them that their kids aren’t allowed to attend the wedding. The best thing to do is to explain your reasons carefully, warmly, and politely.

Explain that you are spending a lot of time, money, and energy on your wedding, and you want to eliminate any chance that a child might interrupt your wedding vows—or if it’s because of your budget, tell them that you simply can’t afford to have all your guests’ children there.

Whatever you reasons may be, have them clear and ready to go!

We hope this list of commonly asked questions from wedding guests will help you during your pre-wedding period. If you’re in the middle of wedding planning right now and are looking for the perfect place to celebrate your wedding reception, see what we offer at Olympia, or contact us for more information!

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