Even the most laid-back bride will want to look her absolute best on her wedding day. That doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll wear a lot of wedding makeup, but it does mean she’ll probably wear at least some. And even if she leaves her hair down, she’ll want it to look good.

No matter if you’re glamming it up big-time or keeping it minimal, there are definitely some wedding makeup and bridal hair mistakes to avoid—and at Olympia Banquet Hall, we’ve seen them all! Take a look:

Wedding Makeup - Close Up Image Of Female Eyes

Forgetting Waterproof Mascara

It can be very easy for this tiny detail to slip your mind—especially if you don’t usually wear waterproof mascara—but let’s face it: on your wedding day, it’s important to remember. Emotional tears are beautiful, but what they can do to your wedding makeup is not. Be sure to use a good waterproof mascara to keep your peepers looking clean.

Wedding Makeup - Woman Disappointed With Hair

Getting Your Hair Dyed Right Before

This is a bridal hair mistake that many fall victim to. Getting a last-minute color change right before the wedding might sound great, but you’ll be in big trouble if you happen to hate the way it looks. If you get the itch to change up your hair, color it the week before instead. This will give it a chance to “calm down” and give you options if you don’t like it.

Wedding Makeup - Smiling Bride With Tiara

Not Using Primer

If you’re not familiar with primer, it goes on before you apply foundation and concealer, and it’s designed to help makeup go on smoother and last longer. This alone is why it should definitely be added to your wedding makeup, but besides that, primer also helps to combat shine, smooth fine lines, and hide large pores. These are all helpful things on your wedding day! Also be sure to remember to apply moisturizer before everything, as this helps your skin glow more.

Wedding Makeup - Bride With Beaded Wedding Veil

Letting Your Veil Control You

If you have a dream bridal hairstyle in mind, but it doesn’t really go hand-in-hand with the veil you’ve chosen, you may feel that you have to sacrifice the hairstyle for the veil to fit or lie properly. However, a professional hair stylist with bridal hair experience will be able to work with your hair and veil, and it’s possible to actually have the bridal hair you want.

Wedding Makeup - Redheaded Bride With Manicure

Improperly Applying Highlighter

Even makeup artists are guilty of this, so don’t think you’re out of the woods just because you booked a professional. A popular look for wedding makeup is to look “shimmery”. There’s nothing wrong with this—it’s a pretty look. However, the problem comes in the way this makeup is applied. If it goes on the wrong area, you’ll end up looking sweaty or oily. Instead of applying it to your forehead or nose, be sure to keep it to the top of your cheekbones.

Wedding Makeup - Woman With Manicure Looking Down

Breaking Your Skincare Routine

After living an entire life with your skin, you most likely know what works best for it by now, and have a skin care routine regulated. There can be a lot of pressure for brides to look perfect for their wedding, which can make some of them attempt to try new things—even when there’s no need to. Although it’s tempting to try new things in order to magically begin looking better, it’s wise to stick with the skin care products and routine you have known and trusted. Doing so will prevent your skin having an unexpected reaction to any new products or regimens.

Wedding Makeup - Woman Using Oil Blotting WipeImage: elitedaily.com

Not Using Oil Blotters

All throughout your wedding day, you will probably be surrounded by guests and cameras. You’ll want to look your best both in person and in the pictures that will last a lifetime, so it’s important to make sure you don’t look shiny. Your wedding makeup will probably be the furthest thing from your mind as the day progresses, so it’s a smart idea to appoint a responsible bridesmaid to keep an eye out in case your face begins to look sweaty, oily, or shiny. If it does, oil blotting sheets will help. They’ll remove the shine without removing your makeup. Make sure to have some on hand, as well as that trusted bridesmaid.

Hopefully this list of commonly-made wedding makeup and bridal hair mistakes will help you avoid making them yourself. If you’re currently in the process of planning your wedding and you’re still looking for your ultimate wedding venue, please feel free to check out our beautiful space at Olympia, or call us for more information!

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